1. Click on My Trips to display a complete list of your trips. Notifications appear next to the title. For example, the highlighted trip in the following image shows that you have 3 RFPs for your review. 

2. Click on the trip with the RFP notification to view the hotel bids. This displays the list of received proposals with some brief details for a quick comparison. 

3. Click the arrow icon beside an RFP to view more details. The following image shows the kind of details that the hotel has included. Once you review the bid, you need to decide how to respond to it. 

4. Click on one of the buttons after you finish your review. 

  • Decline - You won't be able to undo this, so make sure you don't want to continue to consider the bid before you click on this option.  

  • Accept - Click this if you are sure you want to accept the bid. The hotel will be notified, and the trip will move into the next phase of scheduling. 

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