1. Click on the top right profile picture, then click Contracts & Final Bill.

This displays a page with information such as client name, hotel name, and form signing status. There are also a few action buttons to download files for your records.

2. Click on the Download button next to the confirmation number of a particular group or team. 

3. Click on the Download Agreement button next to the particular group or team whose agreement you want to save for your records. Remember this agreement PDF file is password protected.

4. Click on Get PDF Password link to get a password to open the PDF. 

5. Verify your phone number on the new window, or enter a different one, then click the Retrieve Password button. You will get a password at the submitted phone number that you can use to open the PDF.

6. Click on the Download Final Bill button next to the particular group or team with the bill you would like to download. 

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