For the hotel sales manager, we offer one core product with the following seven steps.

  1. Opportunities. Receive opportunities in your internal request for proposal system. Click on the Sports Travel HQ opportunity link to go to the Sports Travel HQ site where you can log in or sign up.

  2. Review & Submit Proposal. Review the request for proposal. You have the option to send a proposal to the client or decline the opportunity.

  3. Client Action Review Proposal. The client will review your proposal and we will notify you once a decision has been made. Upon accepting your proposal, the client be shown the contract for review and e-signature. 

  4. Counter-sign Contract. We will notify you when the hotel contract is available for you to counter-sign in the Sports Travel HQ dashboard. 

  5. Client Action Rooming List. We will notify you when the client has sent over the rooming list. You will be able to access the rooming list via email and in the dashboard.

  6. Confirmations Numbers. Using our confirmation numbers tool, upload and send the confirmation numbers to the client. 

  7. Upload Final Billing Receipt. After checkout, upload and send a copy of the final billing receipt.

***May 28, 2022 Update***

Sports Travel HQ now supports two ways to book hotels. After receiving a Request for Proposal from Sports Travel HQ, the Hotel Sales Managers now have the option to send proposals directly to the clients email inbox without the need to send the proposals in the Sports Travel HQ dashboard. Hotel Sales Managers and Clients are now able to use their email to directly communicate with each other after the Client sends the request for proposals. The Client is still required to send the Request for Proposal from the Sports Travel HQ dashboard.

Only Using Sports Travel HQ to receive the Request For Proposals

  1. Opportunities. Receive opportunities from Sports Travel HQ in your internal request for proposal system.

  2. Complete the Business. Use your existing business processes to communicate and complete the business with the client.

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