1. Log in your account to access your Book a Hotel page.

2. Add the Group Name, game/event location full address, city, state, and zip code.

3. Click the checkbox if you want to book a hotel between two different locations, and then enter information about the second location.

4. Select the hotel check-in and check-out dates.

5. Choose your Hotel Service Type, either Full or Focus/Limited Service.

6. Set your Price Range by moving the slider between your minimum and maximum budget amounts.

7. Select the Reservation Payment Method.

8. Select your Room Type (Double Queen and King Rooms) and the number of rooms you would like to book.

9. Select the Amenities.

8. Do you have a Preferred Hotel? Click Yes if you already have a hotel in mind, and enter the desired hotel details (optional).

9. Do you need parking space for a Bus? Click Yes to reserve space for parking the team bus or buses, and enter the value for how many buses to park (optional).

10. Need Meeting Space? Click Yes to reserve a meeting space, and enter information related to what is required for the meeting (optional).

11. Enter any comment or additional information, if needed (optional).

12. Click Submit Request to book your trip.

You are done! 

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